Taurus Botnet Monitoring Project Disables Malicious Software Organization

As reported on PR News Wire, the Dutch National High Tech Crime Unit (NHTCU) recognized Norman ASA’s forensic contributions in assisting multinational police agencies in monitoring and disabling large, multinational cybercrime botnets. This cyber-division of the police helped coordinate the Taurus Botnet Monitoring project which Norman assisted in by making available to authorities its full Botnet Database. The database was put into a special tool that is able to monitor all the different botnets and collect commands sent by the Command and Control servers to the affected systems.

“‘One of the most important strategies of the Dutch National High Tech Crime Units at this moment is cooperating with the private sector,’ said Marijn P.M. Schuurbiers, Senior Advisor & Project Leader of the Taurus project. ‘We have goals that overlap, but each party has their own skills or powers. Norman has a huge amount of malware data and related intelligence, we have legal powers to intercept related entities, and in the end arrest involved suspects. Combining these skills and powers offer the best possibilities to combat cybercrime. The input from the Taurus Project’s participants in the form of malware samples, expertise and intelligence, has been of vital importance. We were very pleased that cooperation with Norman worked out so well. And hopefully, this cooperation will get a follow-up.'”

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