Technology Partnership Shares Threat Intelligence

Emerging Threats Pro and NitroSecurity announced a technology partnership to share threat intelligence and research. With new malware threats emerging so rapidly that security solutions are struggling to keep pace, NitroSecurity and Emerging Threats will share research and combine rulesets to allow both organizations to offer a more complete and more effective security solution to their clients. Market Wire reports that customers will benefit from the research of both organizations and the unique capabilities each team brings to the industry.

“‘Relentless advances in malware and cyberthreats will continue in 2011,’ said Jeremy Conway, Senior Security Analyst at NitroSecurity. ‘Comprehensive data analyzed in real time is the key to effective threat detection and incident response. By working together, NitroSecurity and Emerging Threats will significantly expand the cyber threat knowledge base and help IT security teams recapture the advantage.'”

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