Tektronix Buys DPI Vendor Arbor Networks

According to this Light Reading report, Tektronix Communications has strengthened its position in the mobile network and service assurance market with an agreement to buy Arbor Networks Inc. , the security and deep packet inspection (DPI) vendor, for an undisclosed sum. Also noted
in the article is that Arbor’s Peakflow Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) prevention platform, which is used for IP network security and analysis, is what appears to have attracted Tektronix Communications.

“Donegan also says that what Tektronix and Arbor have in their portfolios ‘speak to the bread-and-butter of mobile network security. There’s a lot of brouhaha at the moment about security concerns linked to BlackBerry services. That’s a distraction. That’s not where the real security issues are at.’

“And Arbor’s DDoS technology looks well suited as an additional element that can be integrated into Tektronix’s GeoProbe platform (acquired in 2004) that monitors IP network traffic, giving Tektronix an extra, and increasingly important, weapon in its Service Provider Information Technology (SPIT) arsenal.”

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