Tektronix Supports Active Network Monitoring

By acquiring Arbor Networks, Tektronix is able to support more active forms of network monitoring with DPI (deep packet inspection). As reported on Rethink Wireless, terms of the acquisition were not disclosed but Tektronix will keep Arbor as a separate brand and operating company within its communications and enterprise group.

“As operators get increasingly interested in DPI (deep packet inspection), a wave of acquisitions can be expected, with core and network management vendors snapping up the smart start-ups. Kicking off the trend is Tektronix, which has stood firmly in the traditional school of passive network monitoring, but has now added DPI capabilities by acquiring Arbor Networks.

“This will enable Tektronix to support more active forms of network monitoring, in which packets are analyzed and prioritized – operators are pinning their faith on such techniques to help them manage and monetize their traffic more effectively, and profitably.”

Read the Full Story at Rethink Wireless

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