Telispire Selects Nexaira Business Class II Router

Nexaira Wireless has announced that Telispire, a leading provider of equipment and airtime services, has selected the Nexaira Wireless Business Class II (BCII) wireless router as a failover solution to bundle with their existing services. According to this product news announcement on Market Watch, Telispire is a major provider of products and solutions to Incumbent Local Exchange Companies (ILECs), Competitive Local Exchange Companies (CLECs) and electrical cooperatives.

“Nexaira’s BCII will give Telispire a competitive edge in providing new services and features to their large customer base. With the BCII, Telispire can deliver an always-on, high-speed wireless broadband connection, supporting either a secure public Internet or corporate Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection for their business customers. Telispire’s CLEC markets are expected to be early adopters given their extremely competitive market and driving need to provide innovative new services and technologies.”

Read the Full News Release at Market Watch

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