Testing Enterprise Cloud Security and Speed

When it comes to IT decisions, moving to the public cloud is one of the biggest to consider. The benefits of public clouds are obvious, but so are the pitfalls—outages, security, and compliance concerns to name but a few. This Computer World article reviews a number of enterprise public cloud services and reports on costs, issues and services.

“Site to Site VPNs were a separate package deal, but possible to do using the IPSec protocol. Terremark only supports certain hardware or software VPNs, but they will do a “best effort” to try to get things working, if you have something different. We had something different, the aforementioned Vyatta appliance and we got the VPN working with minimal trouble. Once everything was setup, we ran some brief upload tests between our NOC and their servers. During an ISO transfer using scp, we maxed out around 120KBps (average). Normal FTP was about the same around 125KBps. The connection was limited to 1Mbit (not burstable) which is about 128KB, so it was pretty much maxing out the connection.”

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