Tips for Deploying IPv6

An article by eWeek Europe provides useful tips for deploying IPv6, something that will likely be a necessity for many organizations in the very near future. Identifying training needs, appointing a project manager to oversee the deployment, and checking with ISPs about their plans for IPv6 deployment are crucial tasks. Organizations should also identify any hardware that will not be compatible with IPv6 and ensure all new software, applications, and operating systems are configured to be IPv6 compatible.

“While some early adopters have already deployed IPv6 in their networks, many
organizations haven’t yet decided on an IPv6 adoption strategy. While the task ahead might seem daunting, it is important to consider that a carefully planned and strategically executed implementation is likely to be less costly and disruptive for the
organization than a last-minute, rushed roll-out. Therefore, to remain competitive, all businesses should develop a comprehensive deployment plan for their networks in 2011 and beyond. Only by ensuring that all devices support IPv6, will we be able to protect the sustained growth of the global Internet economy.”

Read the Full Article at eWeek Europe

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