Tools to Track Suspect IP Addresses

In a blog by author Jack Wallen on Tech Republic, the reasons and know-how of tracking down an IP address is discussed. Wallen offers tips and methods to find IP addresses and locate the source, overcoming the obstacle of every operating system having different tools. Although some of Wallen’s information is basic knowledge for experienced users, support techs and new administrators will find it very helpful.

“There are times when you will be attacked, spammed, spoofed, etc. and you simply will not be able to track down the source. This is an unfortunate truth in the world of a networked computer. And when/if that time comes you will have to do your best to tighten down your security to make sure each and every computer is safe. Just remember, if a computer is attached to the network, no matter what operating system is on it, it is insecure. No machine, no operating system, no firewall, no anti-virus, no anti-malware is perfect.
The most important thing you can do is arm yourself with the tools and knowledge that will allow you to track down an address should you need to. And once you have the address (be it URL or IP address) you can always report the address to your service provider as well as sites like LiveIPMap.”

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