Translattice Boosts Mobile Enterprise Infrastructure

Translattice has recently unveiled a new approach to enterprise computing infrastructures. According to this PR Newswire
release, the company’s technology provides enterprises with a new way for application and data are provisioning. As noted ion the news release, Translattice claims to significantly reducing costs and deployment complexity, while improving system reliability.

“‘With the growing complexity of global enterprise computing, including support for remote offices and mobile workers, application performance challenges are often magnified, yet can be more difficult to identify, diagnose and proactively prevent,’ said Jasmine Noel, technology analyst and co-founder of Ptak, Noel and Associates. ‘IT professionals are expected to deliver applications with consistently high availability and performance to global and mobile workers. They must also deliver a highly elastic and robust infrastructure under tight budgets. Translattice’s approach creates a new opportunity for IT professionals to hit both targets.’

Read the Full Story at PR Newswire

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