Trustwave NAC is Common Criteria Validated

Trustwave, one of the leading providers of information security and compliance solutions, has achieved Common Criteria validation for its Network Access Control (NAC) technology, specifically Trustwave NAC version 3.4.0. The company press release on Dark Reading, explains Common Criteria as being an internationally approved set of security standards that provides a clear and reliable evaluation of the security capabilities of Information Technology (IT) products. The accreditation shows that Trustwave’s solution meets the stringent security standards of federal, state and municipal government entities and enterprises.

“The Target of Evaluation (TOE) for EAL 2+ certification was for Trustwave NAC version 3.4.0. Specifically, Trustwave NAC was evaluated throughout all stages to show the solution enables network administrators to control which devices gain admission to the network and what network services they may invoke. Using controlled sensors to initially monitor all network traffic, Trustwave NAC detects any policy violations configured by administrators. Next, as devices attempt to gain access to the network, Trustwave NAC can run policy checks to determine if the identified device complies with the security policies in the network segment that it is attempting to join. After admission, Trustwave NAC monitors all network traffic, detects exceptions to the administrator-configured behavioral policy, and re-evaluates the network access permitted to the managed devices as new information about them is learned.”

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