Tuscaloosa City May Expand Wi-Fi Network

Free wireless internet was implemented on the Strip in Tuscaloosa in July of 2009. According to this story on TuscaloosaNews.com, members of the Tuscaloosa City Council’s projects committee has recently discussed expanding the city’s experimental public Wi-Fi network, from the Strip to other parts of the city.

“The Tide-Fi network was launched in fall 2009. It offers users free wireless Internet access throughout the Strip for two hours a day via an AT&T DSL broadband connection.

“The city and several businesses on the Strip have entered into the Tide-Fi partnership with the Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama and the University of Alabama’s Management Information Systems department.

“Representatives from the chamber and the UA Management Information Systems department said Tide-Fi has been great for businesses on the Strip, the area of downtown next to the University of Alabama campus, because the network allows students and others to take their work wherever they go.”

Read the Full Story at TuscaloosaNews.com

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