UK Behind in IPv6 Migration

With the inevitable depletion of IPv4 addresses pending, Vint Cerf, a Google vice-president credited with inventing the modern internet says it is
embarrassing for the UK to be a long way behind many other European countries including the Czech Republic when it comes to being prepared for IPv6. Britain played a key role in the development of the internet, reports Telegraph, but UK businesses will be prevented from communicating with their customers around the world and in the UK, and be held back in the development of a new wave of connected devices if the internet service providers don’t implement the new system.

“Asked whether there was enough time for UK businesses to address the problem, Mr Cerf replied: ‘Not really – it continues to boggle my mind that the UK hasn’t taken this up as an issue. People will ask why their new smart devices don’t work. All the promise and potential of these devices will fail if the ISPs don’t grasp this.'”

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