Unified Communications With Video Not a Network Performance Threat

WAN 2.0 assurance solutions provider Streamcore, announced having patents pending for a breakthrough desktop videoconferencing optimization technology. Minimizing latency and jitter, and lowering the impact of network packet loss for desktop video end-users, this new technology relies on a quality of service (QoS) engine that automatically manages bandwidth competition among users. This desktop video technology, reports Sys Con, can help enterprises to include video in their Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC) deployment strategy without adding a threat to network load and performance.

“’With our existing User Competition Prioritization (UCP) for data applications, Streamcore already has the most advanced QoS engine to ensure the best response time for interactive data flows,’ said Frederic Hediard, vice president of product strategy at Streamcore. ‘By extending our UCP technology to manage the competition among desktop video users, we reinforce our market leader position for managing UCC delivery over the WAN and help enterprises to secure the success of their UCC initiatives.’”

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