Unified Service Router Decreases Data Loss Risk

As reported on Computer Reseller News, a new service router that addresses the needs of SMBs in a single box has been introduced by D-Link. The unified service router D-Link DSR-1000N supports dual-WAN connections and offers 3G WAN redundancy, outbound load balancing, physical traffic failover, and route failover. In addition it offers comprehensive traffic management, wireless connectivity, and security with flexible deployment capabilities. With all these features, the risk of data loss caused by Internet disconnections is lowered.

“‘As office networks continue to accumulate more devices to fulfill different needs, many business networks are quickly becoming more sophisticated and difficult to manage. The D-Link DSR-1000N service router combines the essential services and functions usually found in multiple devices, and puts them into one device to eliminate unnecessary complexity to your network,’ said Jayesh Kotak, VP, Product Marketing, D-Link India.

Read the Full Story at Computer Reseller News

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