Untangle Announces New Servers with Firewall Software

Network software company, Untangle, Inc., has recently announced availability of a new line of Untangle servers that are preloaded with Untangle 7.4, the latest version of its multi-functional firewall software. As noted in the company’s product release statement, manufactured by Dell, the Untangle server line-up offers a three-year on-site warranty delivered by Dell.

“Untangle XE: Built for organizations of a hundred or fewer users, the Untangle XE Server is a robust, tower-form-factor server, ideal for the small business or classroom. Priced at US $1,499.

“Untangle R610: Aimed at organizations with hundreds of users, the Untangle R610 Server is a fast, quiet U1 rack-mountable server. Priced at US $4,299.

“Untangle R610 Plus :Designed for organizations with thousands of users, the Untangle R610 Plus Server is a fast, quiet U1 rack-mountable server like the R610. However it, includes dual Intel XEON processors, dual hard drives with RAID 1, dual powers supplies and extra memory, for faster throughput to meet the needs to medium-sized organizations. Priced at US $6,899.”

Read the Full Story at Untangle.com

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