Upswing Continues in Firewall Products Market

New analysis from Frost & Sullivan, World Firewall Products Market – Evolution to Fourth Generation Firewalls, finds that the firewall products market earned revenues of over $2.95 billion in 2009 and estimates this to reach $4.63 billion in 2016.
According to this release on PR Newswire, the world
firewall products market has witnessed slowing growth rates in recent years due to market saturation, economic pressures, and mature technology. However, vendors are improving their firewall solutions to meet customer needs and address the constantly changing threats.

“Technology maturity and a high level of product diffusion have slackened growth in recent years. Moreover, customers already have firewall solutions deployed and feel little motivation to invest in a new firewall solution anytime soon. They are awaiting network refresh cycles to replace or upgrade their firewalls, thereby causing a steady decline in market growth. Participants must work toward changing these attitudes to enable quality products to succeed in this marketplace.

“Vendors are striving to add new functionality in recognition of the fact that traditional port and protocol-based filtering is becoming less effective in the changing threat landscape. ‘The firewall initially underwent much change and innovation, with multiple product methodologies developed in a short span of a few years,’ explains Rodriguez. ‘Since then, vendors have introduced new features, but customers have essentially been using inspection firewalls for over a decade.'”

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