Use Management Tools to Maintain Enterprise Uptime

This article suggest that enterprises need to use monitoring and management tools in a proactive way to identify weaknesses rather than just respond as issues come up. As noted in the article, service outages can lead to unhappy customers, which can lead to lost revenue and damaged reputations, so maintaining uptime is vital.

“In order to identify weaknesses, many enterprises use monitoring software that can determine potential problem areas, but sometimes, not all of an application’s functions are used to really root out areas of vulnerability. IT managers might use the tools in a reactive way, for example, waiting for the software to send out alerts about potential issues. But by using the tools in a more proactive way—checking on systems that seem to be fine—it’s possible to find weak points that may not have become problematic enough for an alert yet.

“Tools fall into three categories: measurement, such as meters and agents; management, such as system and storage management; and automation, such as runbook or service automation. Polastre notes that measurement tools, which may be hardware or software, collect the key data points to benchmark the data center. Management tools make sense of that data, providing business intelligence to focus on the key areas of attention. Automation tools streamline the process so that IT managers don’t have to manually make every change.

“Management suites include such features as workload throttling, resource allocation, process automation, and virtual systems management. Some tools can automatically discover networked assets or keep track of data center inventory.”

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