Use the Right Router to Improve Wireless Security

According to this article on eSecurity Planet, poorly designed routers report only on devices that they gave out IP addresses to. Better routers will report on all devices on the network, regardless of how they got their IP address. Story author, Michael Horowitz, also suggests that some Netgear low-end router offers impressive security features, but the company doesn’t really tell you about them.

“Perhaps the biggest security feature in the WGR614 router is the guest network. Other consumer-grade routers I’ve worked with all supported a single wireless network. This router supports two, with each network getting its own security profile.

“Wi-Fi networks can be very secure, all you need is to use WPA2 with AES and choose a very long password. The problem is the password. While large companies can run additional server software to provide a unique password to each user of a wireless network, consumers and small businesses are limited to a single password that everyone on the wireless network shares.”

Read the Full Story at eSecurity Planet

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