Using VPN Explorer to Manage Converged Services Network

VPN Explorer, an IP/MPLS VPN routing analysis solution from Packet Design, Inc. has been deployed by business communications service provider Broadview Networks. Broadview will use VPN Explorer to manage their IP network, which provides business customers with VoIP, Internet, VPN and MPLS-enabled data communications reports SF Gate. VPN Explorer uses a technology known as ‘route analytics’ that lets the company’s network engineering staff look at otherwise hidden aspects of routing behavior – undetectable by conventional SNMP-based management tools – and understand its impact on network reliability, redundancy, and customer service delivery. Earlier this year Broadview Networks installed VPN Explorer to monitor its large router network, which runs the Open Shortest Path First (OSPF), Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) and Multi-Protocol BGP (MP-BGP) MPLS VPN routing protocols.

“‘Often, by the time a customer has reported an issue and opened a trouble ticket, the symptoms are no longer occurring,’ said Carey. ‘Now, with VPN Explorer, we have total visibility into network operations at any moment in time, which allows us to locate and identify any relevant network issues affecting a customer’s traffic, or to eliminate altogether the network as a cause, and move on to other potential root causes. And because time is money, this can add up to real cost savings over time.'”

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