Vendors Combine Networking, Server, and Storage in Unified Platforms

New vendor package deals combine servers, storage, networks and management
software in a single unified platform. ComputerWorld discusses the new trend
with CIOs. Not all are willing to be locked into one vendor for everything.

Hewlett-Packard Co.’s BladeSystem Matrix is a harbinger of what’s to come, says Jim Ganthier, vice president of HP’s industry standards group. He says Matrix lets administrators remove and reinsert blades between slots, while virtual connects ensure that storage and network resources move with them — no reprovisioning required.

The systems also allow for workload balancing based on the need to optimize power consumption, usage or a combination of the two. With Matrix, he says, “your enclosure is your data center.” But HP plans to implement the same model this year using rack-mounted HP servers with storage and switch gear.

IBM has a similar approach. It wants to create a more efficient, integrated system that weaves everything together more tightly. But will CIOs be willing to buy all their storage, server and networking equipment from HP or IBM to make it work?

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