Vendors Under Pressure for Intelligent Firewalls

The industry is a-buzz about next-generation firewalls; that is intelligent firewalls that dig deeper than port number and into application visibility.
So far, vendors have been slow to deliver. According to this Tech Target report, secondary market players that specialize in intrusion prevention systems (IPS) and firewall policy management are
also adding pressure on firewall vendors.

“‘User requirements have been outstripping the vendor offerings for a few years now,’ he said. “There’s been a conspiracy of laziness…. Customers have been saying, ‘Hurry up! We have needs here!’ and firewall vendors have been too focused on each other rather than [innovating].’

“The use of Web 2.0 applications and social networking in the enterprise — and the security threats those applications pose — has shifted demand away from traditional firewall concepts, according to Chris King, director of product marketing at Palo Alto, which made its first Magic Quadrant appearance this year and was commended for leading a ‘market disruption [that is] forcing leaders to react.'”

Read the Full Story at Tech Target

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