Verizon Boosts Cloud Service with Virtual Router

Verizon Business has enhanced up its Computing-as-a -Service (CaaS) on-demand cloud computing infrastructure. According to this report on Channel Web, Verizon’s CaaS offering lets enterprises and SMBs provision infrastructure and on-demand computing resources like physical and virtual server, storage and network capacity. All provisioning on Verizon CaaS is managed via Verizon’s management portal. The changes to its cloud service come under the company’s ‘Everything-as-a-Service’ vision.

“Lastly, the updated CaaS offering bolsters network flexibility, adding the virtual router and shared VPNs, including Verizon Private IP, to connect back-end systems to Verizon CaaS via the online portal. Additionally, Verizon now offers CaaS users metered, burstable bandwidth up to 1 Gbps to add immediate and temporary compute capacity. Verhoeven said that the burstable bandwidth option lets users only pay for what they’re using, so if they’re not using bandwidth, they’re not paying for it.”

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