Verizon Plays Catch-up with Comcast on IPv6

Verizon recently announced a residential trial of IPv6, which will see the company test IPv6 on its all-fiber FiOS network for a month. As mentioned in the PCWorld story, Comcast announced public trials of IPv6 back in January.

“Verizon is running IPv6 on one of its FiOS network edge routers in dual-stack mode, which means IPv6 is running side-by-side with IPv4, the current version of the Internet Protocol. The Reston, Va.-based router involved in the trial is supporting hundreds of FiOS customers with regular IPv4 services at the same time it is supporting a dozen Verizon employees with IPv6 services.

“Verizon is using commercially available customer premises equipment from an unnamed vendor in its IPv6 trial. The FiOS network edge router is tunneling the IPv6 traffic inside IPv4 packets for transport over Verizon’s Multi MPLS backbone to IPv6-capable peering connections with other carriers.”

Read the Full Story at PCWorld

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