VoIP Might Be IPv6 Immune

PC Mag reports that users of most consumer routers in general shouldn’t have to upgrade their routers in response to the IPv6 shift. Vonage senior VP stated that the shift had been planned for and accommodated by Vonage’s internal network, and although this applies to most routers, consumers should consider an upgrade if their router is several years old.

“’We are IPv6 compliant within our infrastreucture and we intend to be able to migrate to a dual-stack environment over this year,’ Vonage’s Hennesy said. ‘We’re actually completing our testing and we have our plans to move into a dual-stack iPv4/6 configuration within our infrastructure and with our interconnected links with many of our service providers. We looked at a couple of other methods that were just too cost-prohibitive for us, and really did not fit with our product.’”

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