Voltaire Adds Ethernet Switch Management to Fabric Manager

Voltaire has added Ethernet switch management to the Infiniband fabric management product, Unified Fabric Manager (UFM). According t this Network Computing story, Unified Fabric Manager provides the management functions to provision the switching fabric from port to port and manage congestion within the fabric.

“Unlike the fight for the campus LAN where the battle rages over cost per port, the data center network battle is about high capacity, flexibility and reliability. Network problems in the data center affect applications that affects everyone. While Cisco dominates in the LAN, the data center is a more open field where some products are a better fit than others. In high-performance situations where low latency is a critical requirement, such as financial trading or data modeling where processing is highly transactional, the difference in microseconds can have an impact on whether a trade is completed or the time to crunch data. Infiniband vendors like Voltaire build switching platforms for these transactions.”

Read the Full Story at Network Computing

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