VPN and Other Choices for Remote Network Access

Connectivity to office systems and networks are critical elements to a mobility strategy. According to this article on The Register, many companies do not have a managed approach to providing access. This approach can be both dangerous and damaging, and can lead to a management nightmare.

“All is not lost, as there are many solutions that can be used to provide access to systems and information, of varying levels of capability and sophistication. One of the oldest and most established is to use the Virtual Private Networking (VPN) capabilities of installed security equipment, usually firewalls. Surprisingly, despite the widespread installation of firewalls with VPN capabilities, many companies still do not implement VPNs for secure remote access.

“Part of the reason for the resistance to implementing VPNs has been the perceived complexity and cost of implementation. Much of this reputation, deserved or not, has come from IPSec VPNs. These often had custom clients, a less than stellar reputation for compatibility and caused both performance and management overheads. In the past this may have been true. But modern IPSec VPN systems are much more integrated.”

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