VPN-Cubed Overlay Network Uses IPsec Extranet Connectivity

The VPN-Cubed 2.0 Datacenter Connect version of the VPN-Cubed overlay network is designed to work between a data center using IPsec “extranet” connectivity and Amazon EC2, GoGrid, Terremark, and Flexiant’s Flexiscale. Sys Con also reports that a users IPsec device connects to an IPsec gateway in the cloud running as a virtual appliance which routes to the VPN-Cubed subnet in the cloud. The overlay network is completely controlled by the user.

“VPN-Cubed Managers are hybrid devices; they are virtual routers, virtual switches, SSL VPN concentrators, IPSecVPN concentrators, firewalls, and protocol re-distributors, configurable in a mesh to create an Overlay Network. An overlay network that you completely control. Other cloud resident virtual machine instances “plug into” the overlay network through the use of the OpenVPN software package.”

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