WAN Optimization For Replicating Traffic Over Distance

The challenges of replicating or recovering data over distance can often be eliminated with WAN optimization over existing infrastructures. As noted in this report on Computer Technology Review, WAN optimization software based upon virtualization can simply and efficiently accelerate large data movement across a WAN.

“One software WAN optimizer can support long-distance data transfers at rates higher than 800 megabits per second – this is shown to be the highest performer of any field-tested optimization solution on the market. Transfer speeds may vary for a range of data management applications, including backup and remote replication and business continuance/disaster recovery. This same WAN optimizer has also been tested at distances up to 46,000 miles and found to provide outstanding throughput even for applications like high-performance technical computing and digital image transfers.

“The benefits of software-based WAN optimization technologies are numerous. Supporting file transfer requirements over a single IP network without expensive proprietary protocols or “big iron” means less cost, complexity and maintenance. Utilizing existing Ethernet/IP infrastructures helps leverage current investment, reducing the need for additional capital expenditures. Eliminating inefficiencies of TCP over the WAN improves performance and provides better utilization of bandwidth resources. Taken all together, software WAN optimization enables more data being sent over the WAN and equates to greater application efficiency and lowering the cost of bandwidth, equipment and support operations.”

Read the Full Story at Computer Technology Review

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