What Not to Look for in a 2010 Data Center

While the data center of tomorrow will look different from today’s rack-filled halls, a number of things will not change. Manek Dubash at ZDNet.UK takes a look at 10 things you are unlikely to see in the data center over the next 12 months.

“8. No more IT specialists: You know how the IT team is generally split up into technology sub-teams? The barriers will start to crumble in 2010, as skill sets will be required across the board.

“So expect the traditional specialisms of networking, software, storage and servers to merge and then diversify into different skill packages. Perhaps there will be an environmental specialism, one for overall systems management, and another one for security — you already have one of those? Good.

“Become one of those specialists and watch your value increase. Either that, or freshly minted graduates, with all those skills bubbling away and ready to go, will come and take your job.”

Read the Full Story at ZDNet.UK

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