What You Need to Know About DirectAccess

DirectAccess promises to change remote access so that employees can be productive from anywhere at any time, without the constraints of traditional remote access technologies, such as network-level VPNs. According to Tech Republic, there are 10 things you need to know about using DirectAccess.

“The goal of DirectAccess is to extend your corporate network’s reach to any DirectAccess client computer that’s connected to the Internet. A DirectAccess computer is a domain member, a managed computer that is subject to the same change management and control mechanisms as computers that never leave the physical boundaries of the corporate network. In addition to extending IT’s control over all managed computers, regardless of location, DirectAccess provides a seamless network access experience for users. They don’t have to remember one name for when they are on the corpnet and another name when they’re off the corpnet; that’s because they’re always on the corpnet.

“When a DirectAccess client computer starts, it establishes the ‘infrastructure’ tunnel. This tunnel allows the DirectAccess client computer to connect to management and domain resources, such as domain controllers, DNS servers, and management servers. This tunnel is also bidirectional, so IT can initiate ‘manage out’ connections to the DirectAccess clients on the Internet, in the same way they can when connecting to hosts on the intranet.”

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