Why Businesses Experience Network Security Breaches

In an article by George Bardissi, president of Bardissi Enterprises, Bardissi expresses the importance of computer and network security. As presented on The Reporter,
he addresses the issue of business owners who don’t seriously understand the importance in making sure critical information is well protected or risk the possibility of losing valuable and critical operational data as well as the network being compromised and data being stolen.

“Not a week goes by that my company is not confronted with a call, from a business, identifying that their entire network and its data may have been breached and the data compromised.
So why are businesses continuing to experience problems in the area of network security breaches and what should companies do in order to combat network and computer security problems?
Most companies tend to put thousands of dollars into things like anti-virus/anti-malware protection, firewalls, password policies and security procedures. Yet, they fail to do the thing, that will first and foremost tell them what the source of their network security problems may really be, which is take a hard, in-depth look at exactly what the security problems are and where they are coming from.”

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