Wi-Fi Networks: A Preferred Enterprise Connection

Since the 802.11n IEEE standard was formally approved one year ago, shipments of 02.11n access points have accelerated. According to this report on PC World, the new reality of Wi-Fi networks: they are fast becoming the preferred way to connect and stay connected in the enterprise.

“And that reality is sparking new demand from enterprise customers, and new innovation from wireless LAN vendors, to make Wi-Fi networks work’ like wired Ethernet – reliably, consistently, securely – for all kinds of traffic, including video.

“‘Enterprise wireless LAN vendors are continuing to work on spectrum management and other features for 2011 to create a self-adapting, self-healing wireless LAN,’ says Paul DeBeasi, vice president, research director, with Gartner’s network and telecom strategies group. ‘The idea is a wireless network that will function like a wired network in terms of performance and reliability.'”

Read the Full Story at PC World

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