Will Cloud Computing Diminish IT Departments?

One bit of cloud computing hype is that the role of the CIO and the IT department is going to be diminished. This Federal Computer Week article, however, points out that IT departments will still need to be fully engaged with the process of making sure end users have the IT resources they need to do their jobs.

“Want to start using that cool new software-as-a-service Web app to share documents among your team and track your project? Forget those killjoys in the IT department and all their tiresome ‘procedures.’ You can sign up for the cloud app from your desk and start using it right away without IT ever even knowing about it. Hey, they’d probably thank you for it if they knew because it’s less work for them, a veritable win-win.

“That is until the cloud provider goes out of business one day, and you find out your people can’t get access to all those great documents and ideas and data they had stored in the now-shuttered provider’s servers. Or until the group of go-getters discover that the Web app stopped working for their co-conspirators in the St. Louis office because of some conflict with that location’s new server settings.”

Read the Full Story at Federal Computer Week

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