Wireless Network Guru Meru

Author John Gallant shares his interview with Meru President and Ihab Abu-Hakima in this article on Network World. Claiming to have been the first company to deliver an 802.11n access point and now riding that technology’s popularity as enterprises move increasingly to high-speed wireless networks, Muru was founded based on a vision that sooner or later most enterprises will operate day to day in an all-wireless environment.

“For us, a wireless environment is a wired data center, a wired backbone but all wireless everything else, all wireless edge. As we looked forward to what an all-wireless enterprise would look like, we said it would have thousands or tens of thousands of devices, many of them operated by humans, others machine to machine, but they would all be mobile or stationary but working in a wireless environment. And we built an infrastructure from the ground up to support density and mobile or stationary voice, video or data applications. We built this with the end user in mind. We wanted the end user to have an interactive experience accessing the content that they needed or the applications that they needed to get their job done.”

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