Wireless Network Simulation Leader Launches New Software at Military

Scalable Network Technologies, Inc. (SNT) announced that the company has developed a software capability that enables integration of realistic cyber warfare communication effects into a Live Virtual Constructive (LVC) environment.

As reported on PR USA Net, t
he resulting advanced system provides more realistic training and improved analysis capabilities to counter the increasing vulnerability of military systems to computer network attacks (CNA).The software, a new synthetic cyber warfare test bed is capable of realistically representing a network-centric battlespace under cyber attack for testing and training applications.

“Although current generation computer-based battlefield simulations deliver experiential realism in force positioning, troop movement, supply routing, enemy force detection/engagement, and damage calculation – next generation net-centric systems open up a new domain of cyber vulnerability that today’s war gaming systems don’t encompass. Without the inclusion of cyber warfare communications effects, battlefield modeling and simulation can be overly optimistic, risking and/or perpetuating negative training. By integrating high fidelity communication models that incorporate network attack/defense, as well as performance aberrations caused by various environmental factors – the ability to analyze and train for the impact of cyber warfare on mission outcome is dramatically improved.”

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