Wireless Network Works Over Analogue TV

As reported on IT Wire, CSIRO, Australia’s national science and research organization is reaching out to thousands of people in a wireless revolution. The organization who is an owner of key parts of modern IEEE 802.11 protocols and helped revolutionize Wi-Fi is the first to announce a new type of wireless network that is much more efficient, and which works over soon-to-be-decommissioned analogue TV spectrum. This new wireless has the potential of speeds up to 12Mbps and with launch expected in two years, the speeds could be even greater by the time of deployment.

“This is especially so because the technology is being designed to allow multiple users to upload data at the same time, ‘without reducing their individual systems’ data transfer rate of 12 Mbps.’
The CSIRO’s Dr Ian Oppermann said: ‘Someone who doesn’t live near the fibre network could get to it using our new wireless system. They’d be able to upload a clip to YouTube in real-time and their data rate wouldn’t change even if five of their neighbours also started uploading videos.'”

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