WLAN Performance Issues in Wireless Enterprise

Many networking pros believe wireless local area networks (WLANs) will eventually surpass wired as the primary means of enterprise connectivity. As mentioned in this Search Target article, an all-wireless enterprise will need WLAN management tools which can ensure that WLAN performance and reliability is equal to wired.

“Few, if any, technological hurdles remain for an all-wireless enterprise. WLAN infrastructure costs are coming down and capabilities continue to improve, Mathias said. The ratification of 802.11n last year catapulted WLANs onto the as-good-as-wired plane, he said, and wireless adapters often come free with laptops.

“‘The expectation is that there will be wireless available. I’ll be honest: My kids don’t know what an RJ-45 jack looks like,’ said Tim Zimmerman, principal analyst at Gartner Inc. ‘I talk to a lot of higher education [institutions] and universities, and it’s funny to hear them on their tech support calls… Students are on the phone talking to them about the quality of the wireless signal and the fact that they get poor throughput, and they’re sitting five feet away from a 10/100 [Ethernet] jack.'”

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