XO Communications Enhances Ethernet Wide Area Networking

XO Communications has announced the introduction of expanded capabilities of the XO Ethernet Services portfolio with the nationwide launch of XO Ethernet VPLS. According to this news release on Market Watch, XO Ethernet VPLS enables businesses, large enterprises and government agencies to easily and cost-effectively transform their Ethernet local area networks into wide area networks that connect key offices and data centers and deliver applications to end users.

“Because XO Ethernet VPLS is a layer 2 VPN solution, it supports the needs of customers that have an emphasis on network security and prefer to maintain control of their routing, rather than share routing protocols with the service provider. In addition, XO Ethernet VPLS is protocol independent, enabling customers to support both IP and non-IP applications and making it attractive for customers who want to migrate away from costly frame relay and private line-based networks.

“XO Ethernet VPLS also provides the intelligence to allow organizations to prioritize network traffic to maximize bandwidth use and ensure that mission-critical applications receive the highest priority across the network. The service offers four Classes of Service (CoS) — Real Time, Critical, Priority and Standard — with the unique offering of one flat rate for access to all four classes of service. The service is also backed by robust service level agreements (SLAs) to provide customers with the peace of mind that comes with quality of service guarantees.”

Read the Full Story at Market Watch

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