YouTube Supporting IPv6 in Production Mode

Industry observers say that YouTube appears to be supporting IPv6 in production mode — not as a test of the IPv6 Internet protocol. As mentioned in this PC World report, Google is one of the Internet’s most aggressive adopters of IPv6, and already supports IPv6 with its Search, Alerts, Docs, Finance, Gmail, Health, iGoogle, News, Reader, Picasa, Maps, Wave, Chrome and Android products.

“Google has quietly turned on IPv6 support for its YouTube video streaming Web site, sending a spike of IPv6 traffic across the Internet that has continued from last Thursday until Monday.

“‘On Thursday, midday California time, we saw a large amount of inbound IPv6 traffic, which we knew came from Google,’ says Martin Levy, Director of IPv6 Strategy at Hurricane Electric, a Fremont, Calif., ISP that runs one of the world’s largest IPv6 backbone networks.

“‘IPv6 traffic came into ISPs from all over the world when Google turned up its IPv6 traffic on YouTube,’ Levy says. ‘IPv6 is being supported at many different Google data centers. We’re talking about a traffic spike that is 30-to-1 type ratios. In other words, 30 times more IPv6 traffic is coming out of Google’s data centers than before.'”

Read the Full Story at PC World

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