Cisco Acquires Composite Software for $180 Million

Cisco is expanding its roster of capabilities today with the acquisition of privately-held Composite Software.

Cisco is paying $180 million for Composite, with the deal expected to close in the first quarter of Cisco’s fiscal 2014.

Composite’s solution provides a data virtualization platform intended to make it easier to manage data from different sources.

“As customers increase their adoption of big data, analytics, cloud, and mobile, traditional enterprise data warehouses will fail to meet all of their needs,” Cisco spokesperson, Robyn Jenkins Bloom told Enterprise Networking Planet. “Their needs will increasingly rely on optimizing access to data where it resides, throughout the network, rather than moving the data to one physical location.”

Bloom added that the role of the network, and the interaction between data virtualization software and the network, will be essential to the next generation of data warehousing.

“Composite’s software solution augments traditional data integration approaches and makes all kinds of data from across the network appear as if it’s in one place,” Bloom said. “This consolidated view enables organizations to make better business decisions by taking advantage of big data through analytics and other cloud information in real time.”

Within Cisco, Composite will expand the portfolio of Smart Services and help in connecting the data fabric to the infrastructure fabric.


The Composite bit will also potentially help further Cisco’s Software Defined Network (SDN) strategy, know as Cisco ONE. Cisco ONE empowers network administrators to program the network and extract knowledge from it that can impact applications and performance.

“By combining this network knowledge and programmability with the performance of Cisco’s UCS, and Composite’s software and query optimization expertise, Cisco will be well positioned to provide highly differentiated capabilities to customers,” Bloom said.

Sean Michael Kerner is a senior editor at Enterprise Networking Planet and Follow him on Twitter @TechJournalist.

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