Microsoft and Packeteer Team on Branch Offices

Packeteer and
Microsoft are
in agreement about market opportunities to help companies manage
the data deluge hitting their branch offices. So they’re teaming up
to gang up on the issue.

Packeteer today introduced the first iShaper appliance designed
to speed up and secure data in the corporate office using native
Microsoft application services.

Nicknamed the “Branch Office Box,” the newest entrant in the
burgeoning market for wide-area network (WAN) optimization is
designed to improve the performance of applications that deliver
data, voice and video traffic in corporations.

Devices from competing vendors offer similar capabilities.

But Mark Urban, director of product marketing at Packeteer, said
iShaper covers the gamut of requirements for piping application
data across wide-area networks (WAN) (
), including monitoring, security acceleration and
services. iShaper eliminates the need for point acceleration,
security or monitoring machines by hosting those tools in one

Created for companies with branch offices supporting 50 or more
users, the iShaper appliance uses intelligence to boost the
performance of more than 600 applications and protocols.

iShaper speeds up and secures.
Source: Packeteer

Software in the box prioritizes and accelerates applications
based on Common Internet File System (CIFS), FTP, TCP and HTTP
applications without compromising data, voice and video traffic.
The product also applies real-time compression for transactional
traffic and disk-based byte caching for bulk applications.

iShaper also monitors the quality of voice calls with per call
provisioning, and separates recreational video to give priority to
business conferencing.

Data is served all while maintaining service levels of
applications during peak periods, while providing protection from
zero-day viruses and denial-of-service attacks.

iShaper also supports Microsoft’s Windows Server, Internet
Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server and System Management Server
(SMS), which provide application security, networking, patch
management, file sharing and printing, said Bala Kasiviswanathan,
director for Windows Server Branch and Storage Solutions at

Packeteer inherited Microsoft as a partner when it purchased
Tacit Networks last year. Tacit had worked with Microsoft on its
iShared appliances; now the two companies will co-engineer and
market iShaper as a “Branch Office Box” to make computing faster
and more secure for employees in branch offices.

“While iShared really started a trend toward consolidation,
iShaper brings that next-generation of branch office consolidation
and is focused on applications as an overlay to the packet and
forwarding devices,” Urban said.

Expect collaboration from the two companies for future iShaper

Available in the second quarter this year, iShaper starts at
$11,000 for an appliance with up to 45 megabits per second
throughput with 10 Mbps of accelerated traffic.

While Urban claims Packeteer is the first company to deliver an
appliance that covers all the major bases in WAN optimization —
namely application acceleration, security and services for souping
up voice, video and data — the company faces stiff competition
from several vendors, including Cisco Systems,
Blue Coat and
Riverbed Technology.

Blue Coat, for example, recently added
new security, clustering and failover capabilities to its operating
systems software, and boosted
its appliances’ ability to deliver live streaming video and
video-on-demand content.

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