Pushing the Envelope

The communications company, PostX, was granted a patent for a method of processing an e-mail message that includes a representation of an envelope. This envelope contains a time stamp, sender identification, and the ability to represent other objects on the computer screen of the user. Upon initiation of a user action where a cursor is positioned at a screen location corresponding to the time stamp or sender identification, this action causes the computer to connect with a location associated with the time stamp or sender identity identification. The other objects on the envelope could have an associated user action linking to a URL, audio, video, or other executables.

PostX solutions combine proprietary software and consulting services for organizations integrating secure electronic communications across existing processes. The platform works with large organizations with paper intensive, sensitive communications requirements. PostX provides the software, tools and expertise required to integrate backend systems, deliver communications efficiently and securely, and manage the life cycle of the communications produced (e.g., delivery verification, tamper detection, archival and retrieval, and response management).

PostX’s feature set includes:

  • Push or Pull Delivery — Direct “push” delivery to all popular desktop platforms via secure e-mail (Outlook, Lotus, AOL, Yahoo, and Hotmail) or indirect “pull” delivery from a Web site.
  • USPS Electronic Post Mark — PostX is the sole licensee for the US Postal Service “Electronic Post Mark” (EPM) which includes tamper detection, time/date stamping, and offers the identical Federal protection as paper and stamp based documents.
  • Document Personalization — Delivery is packaged in the patented PostX Envelope that contains an encrypted and secure set of electronic documents designed specifically for the recipient.
  • Mail Management — PostX automatically handles bounced or undeliverable emails according to rules the organization/sender establishes. The PostX engine integrates with existing IT and printing processes to resend unopened and bounced messages using traditional paper/postage mail.
  • Security — PostX supports all industry standard encryption and security technologies.

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