Red Hat Adds Monitoring Tool, Solaris Support

Red Hat has announced a new monitoring tool it says will support Sun’s Solaris as well as its own Linux offerings.

The Red Hat Network Monitoring Module is built on the company’s Red Hat Network (RHN), a web-based systems management tool used to monitor and schedule updates for subscribed Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems. RHN allows administrators to track errata for their systems, create common software profiles for groups of systems, and allow for rollback of problematic updates.

The RHN Monitoring Module adds four key pieces of functionality.

Probes can monitor systems, network functionality, or applications. Red Hat says there are over 60 pre-built probes for enterprise applications from Oracle, MySQL, Apache, and BEA. Administrators can also create custom probes with an included tool.

Probe suites allow customers to group sets of probes together for rapid deployment and configuration.

The RHN Monitoring Module also provides report and notification functionality, using e-mail or pagers to send alerts when probes are triggered, and providing raw data or graphs from information the probes collect.

Red Hat also stepped into cross-platform management with the announcement of Red Hat Network Solaris Management, a tool designed to patch Solaris systems. According to Red Hat, the offering will allow administrators to use the Red Hat Network’s capabilities on both its Enterprise Linux (RHEL) offerings and Solaris.

Finally, Red Hat announced Red Hat Network support for Windows and Unix via collaboration with BMC Software, though the company didn’t offer any details on how systems other than its own RHEL or Solaris will be managed by the new tools.

Red Hat said the offering will be available at the end of this month.

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