Trend Micro Releases Reputation-Based Services

Trend Micro has announced a collection of anti-spam services designed to leverage its recent acquisition of Kelkea, a reputation services provider.

Trend Micro says its Network Reputation Services stop between 40 and 80 percent of connections from known offending IP addresses from sending suspicious e-mail into a network by using the company’s Threat Prevention Network, which rates the “reputation” of IP addresses based on whether or not they’re sending spam. The information Trend Micros gathers is stored in a “reputation database” to provide proactive protection from spam for Trend Micro customers.

Trend Micro said its Network Reputation Services consist of Trend Micro RBL+ Service, which involves checking lists of suspect IP addresses from four databases: an open-relay list, open proxy list, a real-time black-hole list, and a dial-up user list; and Trend Micro Network Anti-Spam Service (NAS), a list that queries a database focused on monitoring of suspect zombie PCs.

The company said it plans to add phishing and pharming to later efforts utilizing its reputation services.

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