VMware Advances Network Virtualization with NSX-T 2.0

In both the day one and day two keynotes at VMworld 2017, VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger talked at one point or another about his company’s network virtualization platform NSX.

NSX is part of the new Pivotal Container Service (PKS) that uses the Cloud Foundry BOSH lifecycle management system to manage Kubernetes, which in turn manages containers. The networking fabric that ties it all together is NSX, which is a bundled part of the offering.

NSX is also a core element of the VMware Cloud on AWS service that enables organization to run the same VMware services they run on-premises in the cloud. The networking fabric that ties it all together, once again is NSX, which is a default part of the service.

There is also the new VMware NSX Cloud which is a Software-as-a-Service implementation of NSX. The NXS cloud enables any cloud user to run NSX as their networking overlay technology.

“Each public cloud has its own networking and security policies, which complicate management and operations, increase complexity, and drive increased OpEx outlays,” Mark Schweighardt, Director, Product Marketing, Networking & Security at VMware wrote in a blog post. “VMware NSX Cloud helps IT overcome these challenges by providing an enterprise-class networking and security framework for applications running in public clouds.”

In a session at VMworld, Jeff Jennings, Senior Vice-President and General Manager for the Networking and Security Business Unit at VMware said that NXS now has over 2,900 customers across all industry verticals.

Jennings identified a number of driving factors for the continued growth of NSX and one of them is micro-services. Jennings said that the terms micro-services, containers and cloud native are all often said in the same breath and all mostly mean the same thing.

According to Jennings, NSX helps to provide ‘developer-ready’ infrastructure.


A foundational element of NSX’s developer push is the NSX-T product which reached its 2.0 milestone on August 28. Among the new features in NSX-T are Multi-Domain Networking, Automation with OpenStack, Microsegmentation, VMs and Containers, CNI Plugin integration for Kubernetes, On-Prem, Remote, Public and Hybrid Data Centers, Native AWS with VMware Secure Networking.

“NSX-T is the next generation architecture for NSX,” Jennings said. “It is the one on which our multi-cloud connectivity is built upon and it also has multi-hypervisor capabilities.”

Sean Michael Kerner is a senior editor at EnterpriseNetworkingPlanet and InternetNews.com. Follow him on Twitter @TechJournalist.

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