Win2k3 R2 Beta: What’s In and What’s Not

While we wait for Longhorn, Microsoft has one more release of Windows 2003 to hold us over.

Windows 2003 R2 contains several important features that Microsoft could not include in Windows 2003, but that it wanted to make available to customers before the release of Longhorn. However, some major features originally planned for release in R2 have been scrapped for now, one of them apparently due to lack of interoperability with another major vendor. Below, I’ll go over what’s out and what’s in Windows 2003 R2 as of this latest beta.

R2 will also contain some smaller improvements such as a new Printer Management console and a new Common Logging File System (CLFS). Other notable inclusions are ADAM (Active Directory Application Mode) which is a run-time mode for Active Directory designed for deploying secure, directory-based applications, Windows .NET Framework 2.0, MMC 2.1, Windows SharePoint Services 2.0 and Windows Services for UNIX. These services were previously only available separately as add-ons.

Depending on what your Windows Server 2003 needs are, you may want to have a look at R2 now or when it’s released. But if you don’t need what’s been included in R2, save yourself the trouble and wait for Longhorn.

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