The Best of ENP

Over the years, Enterprise Networking Planet columnists have provided some of the most useful, hands-on information available anywhere. Take a look at select articles on security, interoperability and more.

Identify and Mitigate Windows DNS Threats

Best of ENP: If you're running Windows DNS on your network, here's what you need to know to secure it against some common threats. Grab the aspirin and pull up a seat.

Prep for a Windows DNS Deployment

There's a lot to consider when you decide to deploy DNS with Windows network. This overview will get you started, and next week we'll look at securing your setup.

Understand and Secure Your Windows DNS Infrastructure

Windows DNS gives us the ability to create a secure name resolution environment with dynamic updates, but configuring it isn't always simple.

Cacti: SNMP Monitoring Without All the Prickles

SNMP monitoring, painless RRD graphs and a pleasant interface? And it's open source? Cacti should have you at "hello."

Networking 101: Understanding TCP, the Protocol

Best of ENP: Understanding the ubiquitous TCP is key to troubleshooting networking communications. First of two parts.

Networking 101: Understanding the Data Link Layer

Understanding how bridges, switches and VLANs relate will help you master the second layer in the OSI model.

Networking 101: Understanding Layers

Best of ENP: The OSI Reference Model gives you the tools you need to understand how networking works. Here's a guide that'll help you avoid common misunderstandings.

Networking 101: Subnets Realized (Including IPv6)

Best of ENP: If subnets are such a pain to calculate, why do we have them at all? This and more in this week's Networking 101.

Networking 101: Understanding Subnets and CIDR

Calculating subnets can be tricky work. This installment of Networking 101 offers some tips and a few practice exercises to get you started.

Connect Users with Your Secure FTP Dropbox

Best of ENP: Last week we built a secure FTP dropbox for our users and clients, this week we take a look at helping those end users access it with the best in Linux and Windows FTP software.

Manage Linux Hardware with udev (Part 2)

Getting around Linux device management can be tricky. Here's the second part of our guide to untangling the mysteries of udev. This week we look at how to connect devices to your system.

Keep Crackers Out of the Box with Samhain

Best of ENP: Intrusion detection systems are a must-have. Here's how to install and configure the best-of-breed open source alternative.

Yes Virginia, There is a Cracker in Your Box

Best of ENP: With Samhain, your enterprise-grade IDS tasks will involve a few less tricks and a lot more treats.

Spy on the Spyware with tcpdump

Best of ENP: With tcpdump, you can watch everything that traverses your network and draw a bead on spyware-infested malefactors. Our followup on last week's look at this versatile tool explains how to pass the information it provides you to other tools for further analysis.

FreeRADIUS and Linux for Your WLAN

Best of ENP: Part Two—RADIUS and Linux can be a potent combination for WLAN security. Here's how to get it configured.

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