Working Smarter: Concepts and Tools for Better Network Management

Managing a modern network is a complex undertaking, relying on a combination of physical configuration, smart analysis, and good tools. From packet shaping and packet capture to network monitoring and testing, BYOD control to WLAN controller purchasing, Enterprise Networking Planet has it covered. Let our experts show you what makes your network tick and how to keep running it smoothly and securely.

Big Data: Big Business, Big Challenge for Networks

Big data can provide big advantages, but is your network up to the task? Here are some challenges and considerations.

Fault Testing in an SDN World

Cloud infrastructures and software defined networks offer many benefits, but some risks, too. How should fault testing and QA be done in an SDN environment?

The Ripple Effect of SDN

SDN looks set to fundamentally change IT, affecting everything from provisioning processes to workflows, asset management, and IT careers. Here's what to expect.

Reconnecting the CIO and the CMO

A disconnect exists between IT and other offices within the enterprise. Here are some strategies for CIOs to bridge the gap and strengthen IT's position within organizations.

Hybrid Cloud Disaster Recovery Best Practices

With proper planning, mixed architectures can become your best disaster recovery asset. Experts offer tips and best practices for getting the most out of hybrid cloud environments.

Top 5 Technical Skills for Networking Pros

Continued professional development is key to networking career growth. Use our list to make sure your skills are up to date.

Securing Your Enterprise in the Cloud

As third-party cloud services gain popularity, enterprises must rethink their security strategies. Neohapsis security expert discusses questions to ask when crafting a cloud security policy.

Automation and the Future of Networking: Is SkyNet Gunning for Your Job?

Automation could change the networking job landscape. Get ahead of the curve now to ensure your career prospects later.

Fluke Eases Network Troubleshooting with New OptiView Tablet

Fluke’s latest network troubleshooting device, the OptiView XG10 tablet, mobilizes network diagnostics, monitoring and troubleshooting.

Back to Basics: Five Steps to Handling Any Network Crisis

The network's down, and it's your job to get it back up. Use our foolproof guide to resolve any network crisis.

DameWare Brings Remote Control to the Mobile IT Manager

DameWare's unique blend of remote control tools and administrative capabilities unify the many elements of an IT manager’s job.

MyIT Aims to Make Admins' Lives Easier

BMC Software's MyIT app aims enhance enterprise productivity by making IT processes more transparent and accessible to end users.

Cloud Wi-Fi Could Become Key for Network Management

Managing network infrastructure from the cloud is becoming increasingly important.

Blue Coat Increases Web Application Visibility in PacketShaper 9.2

The key to improving Web Application traffic rests with users

ExtraHop Debuts Policy Based Network Packet Capture

Network visibility goes beyond simple packet capture and could potentially enable better network optimization for virtualization

Splunk Adds Intelligence to IT Management

Splunk's data-driven approach helps IT departments troubleshoot applications, security and IT infrastructure.

Network Monitoring Solutions for the Cloud

Just because your apps and data are residing off-site it's still up to you to make sure that they are working right. Vendors from Plixer to Fluke Networks, Riverbed and CA are happy to help, however.

Juniper Advances Junosphere for Network Testing

You don't need your own lab to test and build an software defined networking (SDN) deployment anymore.

Windows Intune v2 Worth a Look

Powerful but pricey, Windows Intune offers comprehensive and cloud-based PC management and malware protection but lacks Active Direct and Group Policy integration.

Aruba Delivers BYOD Control with ClearPass

BYOD gives users control by letting them bring whatever device they want, but how do enterprises regain control over their own networks?

vCloud Integration Manager ties Cloud and CRM Together

VMware vCloud integration manager expedites cloud deployments by enabling service providers to integrate CRM info into the provisioning of cloud services.

Cloud Storage Vendors Offering Encryption as a Service

Some of the technologies accelerating the use of EaaS include hardware-based encryption key storage, cloud storage and virtualization.

Microsoft Unveils Release Candidate of System Center 2012

Microsoft aims to unite infrastructure management under a single set of tools with System Center 2012.

NAC Appliance Buying Guide: Avenda Systems

Avenda’s eTIPS strives to fit NAC into any network, small or large.

Network Access Control Appliance Buying Guide

In this network hardware buying guide, we pose questions that every organization should ask when selecting a NAC Appliance.

Wild Packets Navigates Networks with New Compass

Public beta of desktop software for visualizing network traffic analysis debuts

Brocade Offers Subscription-Based Pricing for Network Infrastructure

Allows customers to align network investments with actual usage.

Gale Technologies Supports NetApp Cloud Management Solution

Customers can implement private and hybrid cloud solutions and accelerate IT service delivery.

Network Management, Monitoring Software Detects Anomalies

ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer offers ASAM.

Network Management Void Filled by Enterasys

PostWorks NY chooses Enterasys over Cisco for network management needs.

Remote Access VPN Buyer's Guide: Juniper

MAG Series Junos Pulse gateways unify network access control and SSL VPN to deliver safer mobile access.

Cisco nV Virtualizes ASR Router Management

New ASR routers provide 92TB of capacity and enables providers to manager 1900 routers as one

Aruba Enterprise WLAN Controller Buyer's Guide

Leveraging ArubaOS to power its Mobility Controllers and APs, Aruba tries to provide the same seamless service to roaming Wi-Fi users that they'd get from their cell phones.

Motorola Enterprise WLAN Controller Buyer's Guide

In this installment of our WLAN Controller Buyer's Guide, we consider Controller products offered by Motorola Solutions.

Cisco WLAN Controller Buyer's Guide

Cisco's approach to its wireless controller portfolio reflects a desire to deliver flexibility to its customers, accommodating distributed and centralized WLAN architectures.

Buyer's Guide to Enterprise WLAN Controllers

Treating wireless APs as independently-managed elements is impractical. Enter WLAN Controllers, which often centralize both administration and processor-intensive control tasks.

VMware Offers Virtual Data Center with vCloud Director

With vCloud Director, VMware aims to pool virtual infrastructure resources within an existing datacenter and deliver them to users over a private cloud.

Netgear Takes Aim at Network Management

New Linux-powered switches and a network management platform debut as networking vendor ramps up mid-sized enterprise market portfolio.

F5 Takes Networking Virtual With BIG-IP

Main operating system behind F5 networking gear gets a major refresh with an eye on virtualization and application delivery controller scalability.

RiverMuse Brings Your Legacy NMS Into the Present

With a distinguished pedigree and an open source foundation, RiverMuse is looking to bring your legacy NMS into the 21st century with advanced reporting and sophisticated alerts.

Understanding Your WLAN Management Options

In the world of wireless network management you need to thread the needle between vendor lock-in and potentially poor coverage from third-party solutions.

SolarWinds Innovates with Net Management Dev Model

SolarWinds products are geared to customers who need a scalable, easy-to-use network management solution for 250 to 10,000 managed elements, and at an affordable price point.

WildPackets Monitors Diverse Networks

WildPackets offers portable network analysis products which are designed for use on enterprise networks and in test and measurement labs, plus distributed network analysis solutions for enterprise-wide applications.

Netscout Covers Network Monitoring and Analysis

Netscout brings 25 years of network monitoring and analysis to its product line.

NetIQ Carves Out Cross-Platform Net Management Niche

Deployed on over 450,000 servers, NetIQ enterprise systems and application management products provide IT managers with rich heterogeneous systems management and monitoring solutions.

Ipswitch Offers Products for Diverse Businesses

WhatsUp Gold anchors a diverse line of products supporting both single and multi-site enterprise infrastructures.

Codima Leverages Visio for Network Management

Codima's products are designed to be easy to use, cost efficient and highly visual, with the direct visualization of IT assets in Microsoft Office Visio as a key objective.

Extreme's Diverse Clients Reflect Broad Product Line

Working Smarter, Part 7: Extreme Networks boasts a wide array of switches, appliances and software offerings for converged networks.

NetQoS Takes "Performance First" Approach to Net Management

Working Smarter, Part 5: The NetQoS Performance Center product suite is a complete network performance monitoring and management solution with elements that are Windows-based, and are designed as appliance-based thin clients.

Peel the OSI Layer Model Onion

Working Smarter, Part Three: A quick review of the OSI model will prepare you to consider the best tools out there to manage your network.

Understanding the Classic Network Management Architectures

Working Smarter, Part Two: Understanding where existing network management architectures originated helps you get a handle on the diversity of choices you'll face when you choose your tools.

Manage Your Network by Working Smarter

Working Smarter, Part One: You probably can't work any harder to keep your network running smoothly and efficiently, so get ready to learn how to work smarter.

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