After a Year, Netsky-D Still in Top 5

The Netsky-D worm, which spoofs senders’ email addresses, has managed to hold onto the fifth spot in the Most Dangerous Malware list after a full year in the wild.

A variant of the virulent Netsky family, the worm now accounts for 4.2 percent of all the malware traveling the Internet, according to reports from Sophos, Inc., an anti-virus and anti-spam company with a U.S. base in Lynnfield, Mass.

Netsky-D was a major player last year at this time — a period some anti-virus experts termed ‘March Virus Madness’. IT managers and virus fighters were dealing with a torrent of of new viruses at that time, with as many as three or four hitting in a single day.

The Netsky family made up a great deal of the problem, with Netsky-D becoming a prominent problem right out of the gate. Sophos reported at the time that the Netsky family accounted for 60 percent of all the reports analysts there were receiving. The authors of Netsky and Bagle were fighting it out, issuing variant after variant to outdo the other.

What makes Netsky-D, and it’s more prolific brother Netsky-P, stand out is the fact that they’re still going strong a year later.

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