AirWatch Beefs Up iOS Security for the Enterprise

AirWatch says its iOS management software allows enterprises the flexibility to activate and control fleet devices and even open up the doors to personally owned systems without causing configuration issues for non-corporate e-mail accounts.

AirWatch is one of the first companies out of the gate to announce enterprise support for Apple’s new iOS4 operating system and the iPhone. The company’s forthcoming Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution is designed to let IT perform a number of remote or over-the-air security and management tasks without impacting users’ ability to continue using their iPhone.

While the iPhone has proven to be a popular device among corporate users, Apple didn’t design the handset with the kind of deep enterprise support and integration features that a competitor like Research-In-Motion (RIM) provides for its BlackBerry line.

But outside providers like AirWatch and Sybase have jumped in with mobile-device management features for the iPhone and the newer iPad.

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